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Sugar Medium Used:

Gumpaste from Satin Ice, Robert Haynes, Anand Kumar, Five Two Baker Becky.

List of Flowers/Foliage: 

  • Hydrangea with leaves: 3 inflorescences

  • Magnolias: Flowers, bud, seed pod, leaves

  • Sweet Peas: Flowers, bud, leaves

  • Icelandic Poppies: Flowers, bud, leaves, seed pod

  • Eucalyptus leaves

  • Olive branch with leaves

  • Italian Ruscus

  • Snowberries with leaves


Techniques Used:

  • Hand Cut

  • Cutter/veiner


SF3 Sugar flowers. Vote for the People's Choice

  • Vote for the People's Choice Award

    One vote $1. Quantity is not limited

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