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Terms and conditions for teachers:

Dear teachers!

Thank you so much for your interest in the Sweet Art Master Sugar Show and Competition!

This letter serves to advise you of the procedures and policies for our instructors

who have been invited to teach at our 2024 show.

  1. The application form must be filled in with the correct information. No changes and additions will be accepted after you have already sent the application.

  2. Please describe your classes in a way that makes students want to attend (professional and understandable)

  3. Please provide your professional headshot, preferably made recently.

  4. Professional Photo of the class project. Please be advised, your application will not be accepted without a class photo. The photo must be submitted in Hi-Resolution. ONLY in JPG format. NO sketches, NO low-resolution photos, NO PDF.

  5.  At Sweet Art Master Show I would love to see my colleagues from around the world and I am always happy to support them. My Show is open not only to English and Spanish speakers but also welcomes all sugar teachers who speak other languages and want to share their knowledge.

  6. Please remember that time management is very important. Please respect your time and others. Please be on time for your class setup. You will have access to your classroom 30 min prior to your class and you will have 30 min for cleaning up after. Please be advised that you will be charged a penalty fee ($150) if your class goes over the allotted time.)

  7. All late arrival teachers/instructors for class/ demo will get a $200 fine deducted from the instructor's final payment.

  8. If the instructor is a no-show for any reason to the class/demo there will be an automatic deduction of the Sweet Art Master Show earnings lost plus a 20% penalty fee deducted from your final payment.

  9. All tables and chairs must be cleaned after your class. If you leave the uncleaned room after you it is $200 penalty fee, uncleaned microwave- $250 each, unclean mixer-$350 each.

  10. Each instructor must submit a minimum and maximum student count per class. Please make sure your minimum student count will cover your expenses to attend the show. Sweet Art Master Show will continue to sell classes (Unless SOLD OUT) the weekend of the show, unless you have specified otherwise. Therefore, it is imperative that you bring along materials for the maximum number of students.

  11. Sweet Art Master Show is not responsible for teachers/instructors travel arrangements and/or hotel accommodations.

  12. All instructors must provide All class tools and materials for their students. Sweet Art Master Show will only provide the classroom with sponsored Saracino fondant and sugar paste. It is a requirement that each student has their own set of tools and materials for class. Sharing of materials or tools during class is not allowed. The penalty for sharing tools during a class is $5000. Tools can be used for multiple classes but must be cleaned between classes. Sweet Art Master Show will provide all the Fondant necessary for classes from our fondant sponsors, but if the instructor chooses to use a different brand of fondant, the instructor will be required to provide his or her own fondant. Please add the information in paragraph #24 “Additional information”. If the instructor does not provide all the necessary tools and materials to have a successful class, Sweet Art Master has the right to cancel the class. This could be a reason for your application to be rejected next year.

  13. Sweet Art Master Show will provide you cake dummies from a local manufacturer. The invoice will be sent to you and the cost of the order will be deducted from your final payment.

  14. Instructors/teachers can inform students what tools and materials were used in class, but selling products during class or demo is not allowed. To sell your products you should fill in a vendor application and have your booth in vendor hall. Please note, if the Show Committee becomes aware of such cases you will be considered in breach of contract, your instructor contract will be immediately voided, and this will be a reason not to accept your applications in the following years.

  15. Payment will be made to the instructors within ten (10) days after the completion of the event. This will allow time for any student disputes, chargebacks, or Sweet Art Master Show penalty fees associated with class fees, etc., to be deducted from your final payment.

  16. Please ensure that you indicate your preferred method of payment on your application. The instructor will incur any fees associated with wiring (wiring will include a $50.00 fee) or online payments.

  17. The Sweet Art Master Show will, under no circumstances, issue payment by cash.

  18. Your only options of payments are (check, wire transfer ($50.00 fee), or PayPal).

  19. Sweet Art Master Show will not cash any checks. It is the instructor’s responsibility to cash their checks within 90 days of the check being issued.

  20. All U.S. instructors must provide the Sweet Art Master Show committee with a completed W-9 upon submission of their application. Your application will not be complete without your W-9. No Exceptions!

  21. All International Instructors must provide a completed W-8 form. To summarize, foreign businesses and non-resident aliens earning income from U.S. sources use a W-8 form. Its main purpose is to let brokers and mutual fund companies know that the person/company in question is not subject to the usual tax withholding from investment income. Please include your completed W-8 form upon submission of your application, there will be no exceptions!

  22. Classes fees:

Listed class price = Instructor per student fee+ $60/$100 The Show Fee + 3% transaction fee.

Note: For classes of 4 hours or less, the Sweet Art Master Show will add a $60.00 fee per student included in hosting in addition to your instructor fee. For classes of 5+ hours, the hosting fee is $100.00 per student.


I will not insist on any specific prices. I respect your experience and your contribution to the development of our industry. Please remember that our goal is to teach new techniques at affordable prices.

Thank you so much for supporting the Sweet Art Master Show!

Sincerely, Julia Fedorova

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