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Carla Puig

Carla Puig is an award-winning chocolate sculptress specialized in figurative art.

Carla has a degree in Sculptural Techniques and Interior Design, both given by the School of Arts and Design of Barcelona. She also has studied a course in the University of Fine Arts in Bologna (Italy) as many drawing and painting classes over the years.

She was introduced in the sweet world back in 2012 right after she finished her studies in Design and it was in 2016 when she began his path with chocolate sculptures.

Being self-taught in the beginning, Carla started soon giving classes all over the world teaching her students her unique and detailed style.

During these years, she graduated in Sculptural Techniques, delving into abstract art and making grow her passion for sculpture.

Carla has won many awards, including Best in Show 2016 at Cake International, Sculpted Cake Award at the Cake Masters Awards in 2017, International Decorator of the Year (Australian Cake Decorating Network Award 2018) and Cake Artist of the Year at the Cake Masters Awards 2022.

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