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Meet our judges

Sheila Miller

Cake Decorator for 50 years, owner “Sheila`s Cakery”- 41 years
International Judge, demonstrator, teacher.
White Rose Cake Decorators: Charter member, past president, current show co-director.
Pennsylvania Show: Past Director- 6 years.
International Cake Exploration Societe`: Life Member, Approved Teacher, Certified Master Sugar Artist and Certified Judge, representative, alternate representative, demonstrator, certification adjudicator, test administrator, ICJ Lead Proctor, Co-director of the 1991 Hershey Show. Served on the ICES Board of Directors for 5 years, Vice President, 1997 President, and “Wilbur Brand Memorial Service Award” recipient.
Awards: more than 125; several Best of Show, National Wedding Cake Competition-bronze medal, Mid-Atlantic Wedding Cake Competition-first runner-up, CT and ICES Live Cake Challenges- winner. Appeared on “Ultimate Cake Off” television show.
American Culinary Federation: member for 31 years, Susquehanna Valley Chefs` Association-Past President, Chapter Culinarian, Restauranteur, Chef of Year. Culinary salons- silver, bronze. “ServSafe”- certified.
York Culinary School of Technology Culinary Council- Past president, mentored future culinarians for 25 years.
Icing Smiles Sugar Angel volunteer- Answered 7”Calls to Action”.

Sheila Miller's Headshot.jpg

Jan R. S. Wolfe

Head judge

Jan R. S. Wolfe is the owner of Dragon Treats, a pastry business.  She is a certified French pastry chef, a certified sugar artist, and certified judge.  She graduated from The French Pastry School, Chicago, IL.  Having served in the US Air Force for 30 years, Jan has had the opportunity to travel all over the world and has learned many different art mediums and artistic skills to apply to her sugar art.  She has been sharing her love of pastry and decorating for many years.  Jan has been an instructor at many levels and demonstrated at various places.  Her work has won numerous international awards and has been published in the United States, and the United Kingdom.  She is also a recognized editor of sugar art publications.

Julia Fedorova.jpg

Julia Fedorova

Julia Fedorova is the owner of Julia Fedorova Cakes and Sweet Art Master TM

New York, NY.

Julia is an International Certified Judge (ICJ) and “Wilbur Brand Memorial Service Award” recipient.
Julia is a self-taught cake artist. Her cakes and flower bouquets have a lot of medals and diplomas.
She is developer of high quality gum paste for making sugar flowers and lines of botanically correct veiners, cutters and molds Sweet Art Master TM.
Julia teaches and conducts demonstrations at cake conventions, days of sharing, cake shows and  Sweet Art Master Sugar Flower Making School.
In 2020 Julia established the Sweet Art Master Sugar Flower Competition. 

She is the author of “Sweet Botany”. The book is about botanically correct sugar flowers. 
Her articles and pictures of her cakes were featured in cake magazines and newsletters. 

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