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Vendor Opportunities

Dear Vendors!

As the host and founder, I am honored to invite you to submit an application to be a vendor at The Sweet Art Master Show.


The Sweet Art Master Competition was established and held online in 2020. In 2021 the competition was a part of Cake Expo. In 2022 the competition was a part of That Takes the Cake Show, NCACS, Cake Expo, and SoFlo. In 2023- That Takes the Cake Show. 2024, the first Sweet Art Master Show and Competition will be held in New York from March 9-10.

The Show includes a Vendor Hall, a Cake Competition, a Cake Challenge, a Cupcake Challenge, a Fashion Show, a few classes, and a Demo stage available to vendors for demonstrations of their products.



Industry City is a one-stop destination of experiences, eateries, events and everything in between. An historic intermodal city, IC is comprised of 16 buildings, built on 35 acres of repurposed industrial space. The waterfront green spaces, immersive retail, and public art installations make for an entire day of discovery. The diverse mix of culture and locally born businesses is as authentic a New York experience as it gets.

Industry City`s light-filled space right on the Brooklyn waterfront is 11000 sq. ft. The facility offers a breathtaking view of Downtown Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty.

33 35th St, building 5, 2nd floor, Brooklyn, NY 11232



Each vendor booth consists of one 8’ x 8’ booth space and includes one draped table with 2 chairs, electricity, booth sign, 8’ tall pipe and drape at the back of the booth, and 3’ tall pipe and drape side separations. Each single booth includes 3 badges. Please see the chart below for details. Additional tables can be rented for $50 each and extra chairs $10 each.

A standard electrical plug with a power strip will be provided with each booth.  If additional electricity is needed, contact our team at

Vendor registration includes access to the hospitality lounge with drinks and snacks each day, based on the number of badges per booth. Each single booth includes 3 badges. Additional badges can be purchased for $50 each.

Booths will be assigned by the Show Committee based on vendor application and booth payment receipt date, as well as product type, to ensure a good flow for the Show layout. Booth placement priority is given to sponsors.

Vendor space is limited, and it is expected that the vendor spaces will sell out. A waiting list will be maintained for interested potential vendors in the event that a space becomes available. Because of the space limitations, vendor space will be restricted to vendors whose products and services most closely align to the interest and needs of the cake decorating and sugar arts industry.

Vendors agree that their booth will be set-up by 10:00 am Saturday, March 9, 2024, and that it will be set-up and manned during public hours. Vendors move-out starts at 4:00 pm on Sunday, March 10, 2024 and must be completed by 7:00 pm unless prior arrangements have been made with the Show Committee.



Vendor listings and information will be included in applicable publications including but not limited to the Sweet Art Master Show website, emails, print ads, and social media.  Vendors are encouraged to promote their participation at Sweet Art Master Show through their own social media and publicity channels to maximize their exposure.


If you have questions, please email the Show Committee at

Please complete and submit the attached Vendor Information. We look forward to seeing you at the Sweet Art Master Show and Competition 2024.

There are Sponsorship Opportunities available.

Please contact us for additional details and to customize your sponsorship.

Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to showcase your products and your company to the very people most likely to use them.

Sincerely, Julia Fedorova

VENDOR CONTRACT PROVISIONS, RULES AND REGULATIONS 1. BOOTH INCLUSIONS AND RESTRICTIONS a)Each full booth includes one 8' x 8' space with two tables, two chairs, access to electricity, free public Wi-Fi, and up to three (3) vendor badges. All other furnishings, equipment, decoration, etc. will be the responsibility of the vendor. b) The Vendor will be responsible for any venue-assessed cleaning fee for spills or stains directly attributable to the Vendor's activities. c)All exhibits, demonstrations and other activities by a Vendor shall be confined to their booth(s) or other designated demonstration area, unless approved by the Show Committee. No Vendor shall assign, sublet or share any part of the allotted booth space. Any activity, exhibit or portion thereof which, in the judgment of the Show Committee, is unethical, in bad taste, annoying or otherwise offensive to attendees, vendors, Sweet Art Master Show, or the industry is prohibited. d)No alcoholic beverages or unlawful substances will be allowed in the booths or exhibit area at any time. e)If providing samples of edible items, the vendor must apply for permission from the Venue through the Show, if required. f)The Show Committee reserves the right to shift space assignments after the contract has been signed, if necessary. g)All exhibit set-up and breakdown must be completed within the hours shown in the Vendor Schedule section of this contract. h)The Vendor will abide by all provisions and rules of this contract, all governmental regulations and all rules and requirements of associated venues and service providers. i)Open flames, this includes candles, and cassette feu will not be allowed in the booths or exhibit area during the show. j)No Vendor shall have any floor covering or adhesive (including gaff tape or painters’ tape), so that the same shall come in direct contact with the floor of the Licensed Premises. Subfloor material must be used prior to the installation of any floor. k)Freight, furniture, business equipment, merchandise and bulky matter of any description shall be delivered to and removed from the premises only on the freight elevators and through the service entrances and corridors, and only during hours and in a manner approved by Show Committee. Licensor reserves the right to inspect all freight to be brought into the building and exclude from the building all freight which violates any of these Rules and regulations of the License of which Rules and Regulations are a part. l)The promotion, display, and sale of merchandise or services must be confined to the allocated merchant booth space to provide adequate walkways for attendance and clearance as required by the fire marshal. 2. ADMISSIONS and REGISTRATION a)For security purposes, each vendor is strongly encouraged to provide each person working in the booth a visible means of identification related to the vendor's company/brand (ex: company logo t-shirt or apron). b)Vendors and their representatives must wear their show issued badge at all times while on the vendor floor. The badges are issued for your protection and identification. They must not be loaned or given to any other person(s). Violators will be barred from the premises. All persons entering the vendor area will be required to comply with the rules and regulations of the Sweet Art Master Show. 3. PAYMENT and CANCELLATION POLICY a)Unless other arrangements are made in advance, payment for all contracted items agreed to by the vendor must be made in full at the time of signing the contract. b)All service charges and fees incurred by Sweet Art Master Show as a result of returned checks, cancelled credit cards or any other reason beyond normal credit card processing fees must be paid by the contracting vendor/exhibitor to Sweet Art Master Show within 15 calendar days of being notified of the imposed fee. c)Cancellation of any portion of the contracted items will result in forfeiture of all funds paid. The cancelling vendor will relinquish all rights to the cancelled items. There will be no refunds of vendor fees. d)Sweet Art Master Show and the Show Committee, the cooperating local association(s) and their officers, directors, committees, agents and employees will not be liable for failure to hold the Show as scheduled. Payments for booth space will be returned in that event, except that any actual expense incurred in connection with the Show will be deducted if the Show is cancelled after the time specified for payment of the balance of the cost of assigned space, due to any event, law or regulation which makes it impossible or impracticable to hold the Show. 4. HANDLING AND STORAGE The Venue will not accept or store exhibit materials or empty crates. 5. LIABILITIES For the purpose of this contract and provisions, the term “Sweet Art Master Show Parties” shall refer to Sweet Art Master Show, its officers, directors and representatives, the cooperating venues, hotels, local associations and their officers, directors and representatives. The Vendor agrees that the Sweet Art Master Show Parties: 1.Will not be held responsible for any damage to or the loss or destruction of Vendor's property, or injuries to the Vendor, their representatives, agents, or employees; all claims for such loss, damage, destruction or injury, being expressly waived by the Vendor. 2.Will be indemnified and held harmless by the Vendor for any claims for injury to any of Vendor’s representatives, agents, or employees and for any claims by other persons for injury, loss or damage caused in whole or in part by the Vendor or its representatives or employees. Each Vendor should carry an insurance rider policy to cover exhibits and samples against destruction, loss and/or damages. Third party and liability coverage should be discussed with your insurance broker. 3.The vendor affirms to the Sweet Art Master Parties that no materials used in connection with the Vendor’s exhibit violate the intellectual property rights, whether in patent, trademark, copyright or otherwise (“IP Rights”) of any other party. Vendor releases the Sweet Art Master Show Parties from any and all claims for injury, loss or damages caused by or relating to any claims that any other party has violated Vendor’s IP Rights. Vendor releases the Sweet Art Master Show Parties from any and all obligations for or liability relating to policing or determining whether any materials used by any vendor violate any of Vendor’s IP Rights. Vendor releases the Sweet Art Master Show Parties from any and all obligations for and liability relating to failing to take any action to prevent the infringement or violation of any of Vendor’s IP Rights and releases the Sweet Art Master Show Parties from any and all claims of contributory infringement as to any of Vendor’s IP Rights. Vendor further agrees that although the Sweet Art Master Show Parties shall not have any obligation for or liability relating to determining if any infringement or violation of any party’s IP Rights has occurred, or any obligation for or liability relating to failing to prevent or protect any party from damages for infringement or violation of such party’s IP Rights, Vendor releases the Sweet Art Master Show Parties from any and all actions it may take relating to excluding Vendor from exhibiting at or participating at the Show in connection with any claim(s) that Vendor’s materials violate the IP Rights of any party. 4.Any and all sales tax required to be collected by any local, state and/or federal government agency will be the sole responsibility of each vendor. Sales Tax permits must be submitted along with the applicable tax payment to the government entity by each individual Sweet Art Master Show vendor. Vendors will not be required to provide sales records to Sweet Art Master Show Management as a condition of this contract. Any Vendor who does not comply with local, state or federal tax laws will be considered to be in violation of Sweet Art Master Show policy and will not be allowed to participate in future shows until proof of compliance is provided to Sweet Art Master Show. SECURITY We strongly recommend that each vendor schedule an employee to be present at the booth during all set-up, booth prep and sales hours. The Sweet Art Master Show, Show Committee, volunteers, and/or sponsors shall have no responsibility or liability of any kind for any loss, expense, liability, or damage of any kind or from any cause to the vendor or to its property or merchandise. The Show shall have no responsibility to insure vendor or vendor’s property or merchandise against losses, damages, claims or liabilities, of any kind whatsoever. The facility will be locked at the end of the day and inaccessible until the next morning. Vendor Schedule *Hours subject to change* Friday Move in & Set-up:2 pm – 7 pm SaturdayMove in & Set-up:8.30 am – 10am Sales Hours:10 am – 6 pm SundaySet-up:9 am – 10 am Sales hours:10 am – 4 pm Breakdown:4 pm – 7 pm Note: Vendors breaking down early will not be invited back. I understand the above rules and regulations and agree to abide by them.

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Friday, March 8: 3pm to 7.30pm

Saturday, March 9: 8.30am – 10am


Public Hours:

Saturday, March 9:10am – 5pm – General Admission

Sunday, March 10:10am – 4pm – General Admission


Move Out:

Sunday, March 10: 4pm – 7pm

Thanks for submitting!


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