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Chris Aranda

Chris Aranda  AMERICAN CAKE AWARD  WINNER OF THE RISING STAR MEXICO 2023  Born and raised in Mexico City, has been involved in Sugar Arts for the last 18 years.   Throughout the years, he have acquired practice, experience and dedication to his lovely job.   When he was a kid, had great interest in Arts. He studied theater, music and plastic arts, which inspired him to get involved in Cake Design and Sugar Arts.  Grateful to have learned from great sugar artist like Kaysie Lackey, James Roselle, Robert Haynes, kathleen Lange, Mike McCarrey, Dorothy Klerck, among others.   His career has taken him around the world, teaching his techniques in different places, such as Australia, Argentina, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Chile, France, United States and across Mexico.   He also makes beautiful customized cakes for every ocassion at his studio in Mexico City.   He has won numerous awards in International Competitions, wining 4 Gold  medals and awards for Best Innovation and Neatness in Master Techniques.    Chris Aranda has been a judge at international Cake competitions for the las 6 years and He's thankful for being able to do what he loves to do, also, he is a proud ambassador for Satin Ice, Innovative Sugar Works and MaBaker&Chef.

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