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Techniques used: 

"The hydrangeas were made by hand using gum paste, a cutter, veiner and colored with edible pastels. The dandelions were made by hand. I colored the wafer paper and then cut and shaped it. The dandelion leaves are gum paste. The hydrangeas are attached to a small threaded rod using floral tape and the dandelions are attached to armature wire.The cake structure was made by hand. I used a scroll saw to cut the ply-wood and then drilled holes for his legs. His legs are 3/8's threaded rod bended to the right angle. The entire structure was then covered by aluminum tape and then chocolate. The fox's body is all cake. His face is half cake and half RCT. (I use chocolate in my RCT and it hardens perfectly so nothing sags or falls off. It also tastes good!) He has one leg that is RCT and the other is cake clay- a mixture of cake and ganache. His tail and arms are RCT. His body is covered in home made modeling chocolate and his rain coat is fondant.The mice are RCT covered in modeling chocolate and gum paste. The mouse on the top of the fox's head is holding a wafer paper umbrella made my hand. I used a mixture of gelatin and glycerin to make the wafer paper flexible so I could fold it.The animals clothes look wet from a mixture of corn syrup and vodka. The ""mud"" is ganache and the puddle splash is poured isomalt. The fox's eyes are isomalt with hand painted iris's. The grass is colored coconut."

Sugar mediums:

Home made modeling chocolate, gumpaste, fondant, wafer paper, isomalt, glycerine and gelatin.  

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