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Techniques used: 

"It will be a 3D cake, covered in fondant, modeling chocolate, with rice paper applications and isomalt pieces. It will approximately take a 28"" x 28"" base and a 30"" height

The theme is called: The Return of Persephone.
She is a Greek Goddess who, upon being kidnapped by the God Ades of the Underworld, allows her to see her mother Demeter, the goddess of agriculture, again... who, with the sadness of losing her daughter, left the world in an eternal winter... to see Persephone back...she makes everything on earth bloom again for 4 months of spring...and since the deal with the God to return after that time, since she ate a pomegranate from Underworld and that compromises a commitment to the two worlds, thus Persephone's mother... will once again cover the months of the beloved daughter's absence with cold... until she returns each year, thus the seasons of the year were created according to the Greek mythology."

Sugar mediums:

Modelin  chocolate
Flexible rice paste
Wafer and rice paper"


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