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Catzilla ( a Hybrid Godzilla Kaiju) is angry and trampling through his fantastical landscaper stomping all the pretty flowers ( hydragenas) while also destroying the landscape breathing a fire breath of hydragenas as well!

Catzilla is constructed with a simple structure consisting of 1/2” foamcoare, food safe dowels, food safe skewers and armature wire.  All bases and structures, wires are covered with food safe foil. Armature wires are covered with foil and then covered with chocolate.

Body of Catzilla is vanilla pound cake.  Legs are rice cereal treats and head is a carved styrofoam ball. Body is covered with chocolate ganache and then modeling chocolate foundations are placed.  Entire piece is then covered with modeling chocolate.  Tail is all modeling chocolate. 

Body is texturized using various Dresden tools, and stuff brushes. 

Body is then painted with a mixture of cocoa butter paints and dusted when dried. 

Poppy Paints super shine is used on the Catzillas tongue and its eyes. And also used on the flame breath.

Base board is covered with fondant and then painted with cocoa butter paints.  Dusted as well.

Accents of edible moss ( recipe from Susan Trianos) placed around base.

Hydragenas made from satin ice gum paste.  Tutorial is from Cakes by Aria on YouTube ( UK based) Dusted with petals dusts from Crystal  Colors.

Fire breathing twisted funnel is created from an armature wire over a constructed/carved styrofoam cone covered with a silicone mat. Rice paper is then placed over wafer paper and then formed over the armature wire.  Left to set up for 24 hours.  Once dried then I removed from form and added additional wafer paper/rice paper to the inside covering the remaining armature wire.

Once completely dry then painted using Portaleo paints.  Once dry then attached to the base and the cats mouth.

Flowers were then attached to the spiral funnel using glucose syrup.

Remaining flowers were then scattered across the board , some being”trampled “ by Catzilla.  Some I took a torch to and gave it a burned look.  This was to appear burned from the breathing spiral fire.



Foamcore for base

Vanilla poundcake 5” rounds (3” tall)

Chocolate ganache

Modeling chocolate

Cocoa butter paints (assorted colors)

Poppy Paints super shine

Crystal Colour edible dusts

Gum paste


Rice paper

Wafer paper

Glucose syrup

Edible moss

Portaleo edible art paints


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