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Class Application Submission

For Teachers

  1. The attached application MUST BE FULLY completed and submitted in the correct format. Incomplete filling of the form or inaccurately specified information will result with your application being denied.

  2. Applying to teach DOES NOT GUARANTEE that your application will be selected. The Sweet Art Master Show committee will review each application before contacting the applicant via email to inform them of the result.

  3. The Deadline to submit applications is November 1st, 2023 at 11.00 pm EST. (NO EXCEPTIONS) 


Terms and conditions will be open in a new window.

8. Professional Head Shot (preferably recent).*

Please ensure that your headshot is a  high-resolution, large file size. Thumbnail images are not preferred. 

Upload Head Shot#1
Note: This will be the name used to sell the class.

10. Class Pictures* at least one

Note: Professional Photo of the class project (No sketches permitted). DO NOT submit your application without a class photo. Photo must be submitted in high-resolution and in JPEG format. PDF WILL NOT be accepted. Thumbnail images will NOT be accepted. Multiple photos are preferred.

Upload Photo#1
Upload Photo#2
Upload Photo#3
Please ensure to complete a class description including all the details of your class. Real cake/cake dummies, techniques, and any additional learning material: the class description must include EVERY DETAIL of what your class offers.

What level of experience do you recommend the students to have to take your class?

Maximum time allowed: 9 hours.

If this does NOT apply to your application, please type N/A.


All U.S. instructors MUST provide the  Sweet Art Master Show committee with a completed W-9 upon submission of their application. Your application will not be complete without your W-9. No Exceptions! FORM LINK:

INTERNATIONAL INSTRUCTORS: All International Instructors MUST provide a completed W-8 form. To summarize, foreign businesses and non-resident aliens earning income from U.S. sources use a W-8 form. Its main purpose is to let brokers and mutual fund companies know that the person/company in question is not subject to the usual tax withholding from investment income. Please include your completed W-8 form upon submission of your application, there will be no exceptions! FORM LINK:

22.   Tax form. Plaese downlaod tax form, fill and upload your PDF here:*

Upload PDF Tax form

Once you press the button please have a patience the system needs time to process an application. Then you'll see a confirmation.

Thanks for submitting!


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